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Grapes & Flavours – Premium Portuguese Wines

At Grapes & Flavours, we specialise in high-quality Portuguese wines from small selected producers, representing several of Portugal's major wine regions, including Douro, Tejo, Lisboa, Peninsula de Setubal, Minho, Alentejo, Moncao e Melgaco, Beiras, Dao,  you will find splendid red, white, rosé, and Vinho Verde wines, several of which are organic and special editions.

In addition to our premium wine selection, we also offer high-quality Portuguese olive oil.

If you need suggestions for wine pairings, we will be happy to help you find the perfect wines for your menu. Also, feel free to drop us a line for special requests like gift baskets or company gifts

– just fill out our contact form here.

White wines

Balanced, elegant and interesting white wines, goes very well with friends, fish, seafood and other summer fare.

Red wines

When it comes to famous, popular and high quality red wines of southern Europe, Portugal is really beginning to make its mark with a wider and increasingly enamoured audience.

Rosé wines

With long summer nights spent barbecuing on the balcony and eating outside, try our selection of rose wines.

Vinho Verde

Tart acidity, low alcohol, and a hint of fizz make Vinho Verde the perfect summertime refresher.
But it’s not just “green wine”: red and rosé styles are equally quaffable.

Portuguese olive oils

In Portugal, olive oil is used liberally for cooking and in recent years culinary styles have changed due to the growing influence and popularity of Mediterranean cuisine.

Private & professional wine tastings

Grapes & Flavours has a desire to be your favourite wine specialist. That’s why we have a selection you don’t see that often. Our wines can very rarely be bought in regular stores because the many wines are specifically selected based on quality, country and the number of product releases.

Avoid stress and let Grapes & Flavours give you a qualified bid on which wines suit your particular menu

To make Grapes & Flavours your favourite, we have chosen to make it a little easier for you when you need to shop.

You can easily and conveniently send us your menu, so you do not have to rush around the shops to find the right wines to suit the food you serve to your guests.

More than 20 years of experience

Experienced hospitality and restaurant professional with more than 20 years of experience from major international cruise ship companies as well as restaurants and hotels ashore.

In addition to being a restaurant owner for the past 8 years, I have had several leadership roles in the restaurant industry. 

In all my previous positions, guest satisfaction and creating unique and memorable experiences was always my highest priority. I know it takes vision, keen attention to detail, high ambitions, a willingness to go the extra mile.